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A F T E R  C A R E

Aftercare is essential for a healthy healing tattoo. 

first and foremost keep in mind that a fresh tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as such.

Ideally after a tattoo session i bandage the client with a Medical grade dressing called Tegaderm 3M. its a non-latex adhesive dressing that is used for light skin abrasions such as burns or scrapes.  it is up to the client to decide if he/she wants to continue with this healing method after the tattoo session. It is important that you have the Tegaderm with you the day of the day appointment if you choose to go with this healing method. 

i can explain more about it in person the day of our appointment. heres a link to Amazon to purchase your box at the best value.

Everyones experience will vary depending on the amount of trauma the skin receives, placement of the tattoo, and how well you care for your tattoo.

(generally I go more in depth the day of the appointment)

 -Keep bandage on for a minimum of 3-4days, or 7days max (if bandage makes it that long).

-The next day you will have accumulated fluid between the bandage, this is normal and nothing to be worried about.

-it is important that you try not to sweat or stress the bandage so you the fluids dont get pressed out, this fluid will evaporate eventually. sometimes there may be no fluid at all.

-you will not re-bandage the tattoo unless instructed, sometimes heavy color pigmentation may require a second wrap.

-when bathing, switch over to an unscented soap. the perfumes in some products may sting or give your fresh tattoo a mild reaction, only use alcohol-free, unscented products.

-Apply Moisturizer as needed, its important not to over moisturize your fresh tattoo, a very thin Layer of the Intenze Safeguard is all you need, 2-3 times a day, do not over moisturize (over moisturizing can clog your pores and cause water bumps that look like little zits.)

-be sure to wash your hands before applying ointment on our fresh tattoo, do not touch or let anyone else touch your tattoo. 

-avoid adding stress to your new tattoo, do not suffocate your tattoo with tight clothing, your tattoo needs air to heal, 

-No tanning, No sweating, No soaking, No scratching.

-generally a tattoo goes through a scabbing phase that may last about 7-10 days depending on the trauma on the skin and good aftercare.

-pet dandruff can be hazardous to a fresh tattoos, so be sure to keep any pets away from your fresh tattoo, wash your bed sheets regularly to avoid any cross contamination.


if you have any further questions about AfterCare feel free to email me.

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