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Q: How can i make an appointment?

A: the best way is to fill out a contact form on my website, you will get an Auto-response with more information, its important that you reply to the auto response email to be contacted by my assistant. 

Q: How far in advance do i have to book an appointment?

A: Planning ahead is key, the wait time is about 2-3 months, i try to make accommodations depending on the scale of your project and the flexibility of your schedule.  

I post announcements of cancellations on instagram, give me a follow to stay up to date on any cancellations or travel dates. 


Q: How much does it cost to get tattooed?

A: i dont price each individual piece or project separately because theres no guessing how long each project could take,  The total price of a tattoo depends on how much time it takes to complete, my method for calculating the cost is through an hourly rate of tattoo time. or flat rate for a full day session. or consecutive sessions

Q: What is a full day session?

A: Full day sessions are usually are sessions where we can dedicate a large portion of the day to large scale projects to maximize the progress.

Q: How does two day sessions or Consecutive sessions work?

A: Working consecutive days on large scale pieces can maximize the amount of progress. instead of spacing out the sessions for the healing process we can arrange to work consecutively so you can see more of the tattoo completed and be more enthusiastic about the project. 

Q: How do i prep for a tattoo?

A: be mentally prepared to take as much time needed to complete the tattoo, get a goodnight sleep, eat a good breakfast, and stay hydrated. 

also make any arrangements to take the necessary time off to heal. 

for full aftercare tips click the link below.


Q: How do you select your clients/projects?

A: artistic freedom is important to me, so thats usually a big factor, i like doing large scale projects like sleeves, leg sleeves, chest pieces or back pieces. clear skin is also important. i usually prioritize clients that can read and follow instructions in my Auto-response after they have submitted a contact form.

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